What Concerns Can Be Addressed With Balsam Fir Soap?

8 December 2021
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There have always been many different types of soap to choose from. One that has been popping up on shelves more and more often lately is balsam fir soap. This is a more natural soap than most, made with extract from real balsam fir trees. It has a really woodsy, pine-like scent and is known for its mildness. But who tends to buy balsam fir soap, and what concerns are they trying to address? Here are some common concerns that can be tackled by buying balsam fir soap.

Sensitive Skin

If you have really sensitive skin, you may be used to your skin turning red or breaking out after you use scented products. You may think you're doomed to a life of only ever using scent-free products. But it's worth giving balsam fir soap a try. Since it is naturally scented, many people who can't otherwise tolerate scented products can tolerate it well. The balsam fir extract, which is what gives the soap its scent, is mild and gentle on skin.

Dry Skin

If you often find that your skin is dry, especially after showering, then you may want to try balsam fir soap. The natural soap itself tends to be nicely hydrating, and the balsam fir extract is also good at imparting moisture to those dry, flaky patches. Some people find that they need to use balsam fir soap in the winter when the dry, cold air is harsher on their skin. But when summer comes, they are able to switch away from the soap to something less moisturizing.

Morning Sluggishness

Are you someone who struggles to get going in the morning? Coffee might help, but you still feel a little less than awake until noon or so. Balsam fir soap can be a good addition to your shower routine. The aroma from the soap is said to help awaken and liven the senses. Especially if you let your shower get really steamy, the balsam fir scent will act as a sort of aromatherapy, making you more energetic so you can get on with your day. But if you do find the soap is really energizing for you, then you may not want to use it at night before bed.

As you can see, balsam fir soap can help address a number of different concerns and issues. It's a good addition to your shower routine and is definitely worth trying.