Salon Treatments For Dry Hair

26 January 2021
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Would you describe your hair as dry and sometimes frizzy? Using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner at home should help a lot, but there are also a few treatments you can get in the salon that will make a huge difference. Here's a closer look at some of the best treatments for dry hair.

Keratin Treatments

Keratin is the protein that gives your hair and nails their strength. If your hair is dry, it is often at least in part because it has become depleted of keratin. A keratin treatment can help replenish and strengthen your hair shaft, alleviating dryness. This type of treatment works really well for curly and wavy hair that gets frizzy. The keratin calms the locks down so that the curls have some shape to them again. 

Keratin treatments take a couple of hours. Your stylist will apply the keratin-rich solution to your hair and have you sit under a heat lamp to activate it. Then, the solution will be rinsed out and your hair will be styled. You'll need another treatment every few months, mostly to treat the new hair that has grown out of your scalp since the last treatment.

Hot Oil Treatments

Another option is to have a hot oil treatment. This is a good choice when your hair is damaged from heat styling or overuse of chemicals or when your scalp is dry. Hot oil treatments are typically more affordable than keratin treatments, but the results do not last as long and are not quite as dramatic.

Many people have a hot oil treatment when they have their hair cut. Your stylist will apply the hot oil — usually a blend of coconut and olive oils — and let it nourish your hair for several minutes before shampooing it away.

Detox Treatments

If your stylist feels your hair is dry due to a buildup of chlorine or other chemicals, they may recommend a detox treatment. This involves applying a special shampoo that strips the hair of any residue. While you might think this would be drying, when there's a true buildup on your hair, the detoxifying shampoo actually removes that buildup so that nourishing and softening oils can penetrate the hair shaft more effectively.

A detox treatment is often paired with a hot oil treatment or at least with the application of a deep conditioner.

If your hair is dryer than you would like, talk to your stylist. They can help you decide which of these treatments is best suited to your needs.

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