Why You Might Want To Use A Dry Matte Molding Clay

29 June 2020
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There's a lot of hair styling products available for use, which can be really confusing. If you're just getting into hair care, the differences may be confusing and the sheer volume of possibilities can be dizzying. You may have heard of dry matte clay and its use in styling, but why would you use it when there's countless pomades, gels, and holding sprays available for use?

Matte Finish

This is one of those "do what it says on the tin" situations in that dry matte molding clay is, in fact, matte. It gives your hair a matte finish, as opposed to other products that offer a finish that is sometimes shiny or even greasy-looking. For some people, this is fine, but if you have particularly oily hair and skin, you may live in fear of appearing shiny or greasy. For people like you, matte is where it's at, and this is definitely hair clay's wheelhouse.


This is one of those lesser-known perks of hair clay, but it does provide volume and make your hair look a little thicker and fuller. This can be useful if you've been plagued by fine hair with no real volume your whole life. But it can also be helpful if you're dealing with your hair thinning, and it can particularly help if your hair is beginning to thin out while you're a little younger than you'd prefer. 

Natural Ingredients

While it is by no means universal, most hair clay products are made with natural ingredients and are paraben-free. Every year, people get more and more conscious about how even products that they don't consume can impact their health. Most hair clay products make use of kaolin or bentonite. Kaolin clay (sometimes referred to as China clay) is extremely common in beauty and cosmetic use, it's extremely gentle and particularly good for dry skin, as it's drying but not too drying. Bentonite clay is a clay formed from volcano ash and also has heavy use in the cosmetic and beauty industry. Generally, there will also be a binding wax or fatty substance, like beeswax or shea butter, and often, you can find essential oils in hair clay products.

Many hair clay products can be used on dry or wet hair, so they're really versatile as well. Contact a har and skin care company that sells dry matte clay in your area to learn more about this product.