4 Things You Should Do When You Choose Scalp Micropigmentation

20 March 2020
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Some people experience hair thinning due to medication or medical treatments. Age and genes are other factors that contribute to hair loss. Even stress can cause your hair to thin. If you're embarrassed by bald patches in your hair, scalp micropigmentation can cover up the places where your scalp is visible. During scalp micropigmentation, a tattooist applies ink in very small dots all over your scalp. These dots look just like hair follicles, so they create the illusion of thicker, fuller hair. Here are four things you'll need to do when you choose scalp micropigmentation.

1. Show up with clean hair.

Wash your hair before your scalp micropigmentation appointment. A clean scalp reduces your chances of getting an infection. It's also easier for your tattooist to work around clean hair. Wash your hair the night before, if possible. If you must wash your hair directly before your appointment, use a blow dryer to thoroughly dry your hair and scalp. Avoid showing up with wet hair.

2. Relax during your appointment.

Your tattooist will do everything possible to keep you comfortable during your micropigmentation session. They will likely put a topical anesthetic on the areas of your scalp they plan to tattoo. The anesthetic will dull the feeling of the tattoo needles. You may feel some vibration while your tattooist is working. Some people find that listening to music or talking to their micropigmentation practitioner helps take their mind off their worries.

3. Keep your micropigmentation dry.

Scalp micropigmentation is a series of very small tattoos. Like all tattoos, they need to be kept dry and protected while they're healing. After your scalp micropigmentation appointment, keep your scalp dry for at least four days. Protect your head with a hat or umbrella in the rain, avoid swimming, and wear a shower cap in the shower. If your hair starts to look or feel greasy before you can wash it again, you may apply a dry shampoo to soak up excess sebum.

4. Return for additional treatments.

After the micropigmentation has had a chance to settle, it will become lighter. Some of the ink will wash away when you shampoo your hair for the first time. Your tattoo will also look lighter because the top layer of your skin will regenerate, sealing the micropigmentation ink underneath in the deeper layers of skin. Most clients need at least three micropigmentation sessions to see the results they want. Make sure you're committed to going back to the salon to have your micropigmentation treatment finished.

To learn more, contact a salon that offers scalp micropigmentation services.