Trendy Hair Color Styles To Consider

19 July 2018
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Hair color creativity has come a long way in the past few years. Thanks to social media sites that allow for the sharing of pictures and success stories, inspiration for cool dye jobs is higher than ever. If you're looking for a creative way to color your hair, consider some of these cool coloring trends. 

Mermaid Hair

What could be cooler than coloring your hair to look like a mermaid? Many people are embracing the trend that dyes the hair in a graduating color from blonde to pale blue, pale pink, or turquoise. The result is hair that is easy to maintain, provides a pop of color, and looks great in a loose braid. If you're feeling very bold, you might add streaks of a different color, like adding pink and blue together. Finish your appointment by asking your stylist to give you some beach waves or a fishtail braid, and you'll like you've just emerged from a storybook. 

Bright Color Combinations

Sometimes, the muted blondes and almost pastel shades of color from mermaid-style coloring is not bold enough. You might pick up the trend of dying your hair bright colors in block sections. You could have a section of electric blue and another of shocking pink, with a range of graduated colors to blend the two together. If you want to be really bold, you might even decide to do an ombre dye job that moves through a spectrum of bright colors. Currently, the trendy colors include pink, purple, teal, blue, and green. 


If adding rainbow colors is too bright or different for your taste, take a step back and embrace the bayalage. This coloring technique paints coloring dye onto sections of the hair, creating a gradual change from one color to the next. It's great for people who want a low maintenance hair color option, because you can graduate from your natural color to a different color at the ends. As you get hair trimmed the colored section will eventually go away, leaving you with your regular color again, so you don't have to continually dye your roots.

Popular bayalage color options include fading from brunette to ice blond, from dark brown to caramel, or in the opposite direction from blonde to golden to honey brown. Redheads might enjoy fading to blonde or even fading to black. If you have a naturally cool hair color, you can even fade to grey if you want a truly edgy or unique look. 

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