First Time Being Waxed? Use These Suggestions

31 January 2018
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Waxing before a vacation or as part of a regular beauty maintenance routine can be an effective way of removing hair for long periods. If you're accustomed to shaving or other hair removal techniques, you may expect some discomfort but not be aware of what you can do to make the session more comfortable and more effective. Heed these waxing tips if you hope to feel good about the process.

Test Your Skin

A beauty salon trip is in order even before your scheduled waxing session. You ought to have a small bit of skin waxed as a test, especially if you know you've got sensitive skin that is aggravated by various chemicals. Warm wax is typically well-tolerated by most, but some are allergic; a skin test could avoid a bigger, more painful problem later

Exfoliate First

Before your wax, ensure you've been exfoliating for some time. Whether you get exfoliating treatments from your regular beauty salon or use exfoliating scrubs in your own home, the process is important. When you exfoliate, you remove the topmost layer of dead skin cells, revealing fresher skin. If you go through with any waxing without ensuring your skin is exfoliated, the wax could be less effective. The first wax strip may only get rid of those dead skin cells and not enough hair. To get more hair removed with fewer applications of wax and fewer strips pulled off your skin, exfoliation is key.

Take Some Ibuprofen

For many people, waxing can feel somewhat uncomfortable even though it has fantastic results. You can feel better if you prepare yourself for some discomfort, but your relief could be multiplied by simply taking some ibuprofen before your salon wax visit. The anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving medication can start to work by the time your appointment arrives so you won't feel as pained from the wax session.

Keep Skin Hydrated

In general, you'll find that your legs and other skin feel better if you are keeping them moisturized both before and following any waxing treatments. Dry skin sometimes makes wax less effective, and afterward, your skin can more easily recover if it's healthy and hydrated. Investigate good moisturizers and ask for suggestions from your waxing aesthetician and friends. You may even be able to purchase post-waxing moisturizers at the beauty salon before you leave.

These ideas will make you happier about your waxing treatment, no matter which parts of your body are done. The aesthetician will provide their own guidance as well in the salon. To learn more, contact a salon like Detour Salon & Detour The Store