How To Create A Perfect Beard-Care Gift Basket

27 February 2017
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If you're looking for a creative gift for a man who has everything - including a beard - treat him to a gift basket filled with high-quality beard-care products. Higher-end items will last longer and will be a welcomed gift by any bearded gentleman, such as your husband, boyfriend, brother or father, in your life. 

Beard-inspired gift sets are ideal for any special occasion, such as birthdays, holidays or anniversaries. They also make thoughtful "just because" presents for men who have just grown beards and don't have any of the required care items.

Before selecting the gift items, check to see if the recipient has any allergies to specific ingredients that are commonly in beard care products. Many of the top-quality beard treatment products feature more natural ingredients, such as essential oils, which some people have sensitivities to. 

Here are some beard care products to consider filing your gift basket with:

1. Boar Bristle Brush

One very important beard care item is a good brush, which will tame unruly hairs. Pick one featuring genuine boar bristles, which are firm enough to easily penetrate even long, thick beards, as well as evenly distribute natural oils. 

Choose a brush with a wood handle featuring finger grooves, so that it will comfortably fit in the palm of a hand. 

2. Beard Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Another essential beard care item is a shampoo and conditioner set specially formulated for facial hair. The customized shampoo is designed to be gentle, and is especially important for men with sensitive, acne-prone skin. 

Choose a conditioner in a matching scent, such as lemon verbena, mint, patchouli or sandalwood. A  good-quality conditioner will strengthen and moisturize beard hair, while hydrating the skin under the beard as well. Look for natural products featuring soothing ingredients such as aloe vera, shea butter, and avocado or jojoba oil.

3. Beard Balm

Designed to tame, keep in place and add shine to beard hair, this water-based balm also adds light moisture. Again, look for a product featuring all-natural oils, such as jojoba or sunflower, that won't clog pores or irritate delicate facial skin. 

4. Grooming Tools

Other must-have items are beard-grooming tools to guarantee a precision shave. Fill a gift basket with essential items such as stainless steel trimming scissors in a durable leather pouch, a chrome-plated, rust-resistant razor, a comb and a beard brush featuring a wood handle, which will make shaving easier.