3 Ingredients To Stimulate Hair Growth And Reverse Balding

29 January 2016
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Almost forty percent of males will face their locks thinning by the age of thirty-five. For some, it's inevitable, but not hopeless. There are several things that can lead to hair thinning and balding. Stress, eating habits and hair care routines can all be vital factors in losing your hair. Luckily, there are steps you can take that can reverse balding and give you thicker and fuller locks once again.

Jamaican Castor Oil

Jamaican castor oil should be your strategy when it comes to filling in bald spots and making your hair thicker. This oil is a natural antifungal and will protect you scalp against infections and folliculitis. Folliculitis is basically the inflammation of hair follicles. When the hair follicles are inflamed, it makes your hair weaker and more prone to falling out.

Jamaican castor are also filled with antioxidants and will stimulate the production of keratin to your hair. Keratin is what makes you hair stronger, so there will be less breakage and less frizziness.


Apples not only contain vitamin B2, which is essentially for healthy hair growth, but they also are full of antioxidants that can help make your scalp stronger. In a Japanese study, scientists found that over seventy percent of men who used an apple mask on their hair, saw fuller and thicker hair growth.

Using apples to stimulate thicker hair growth is fairly simple. You just puree two apples and apply it to your hair as if it were a shampoo. If you do this once a week for four weeks, you will begin to see amazing results.

Raw Honey

Think of your scalp like a garden for your hair. A garden cannot promote the growth of flowers or plants if the soil that is being used is unhealthy. The same is true for your hair. Using raw honey on your scalp with not only moisturizing it, but will introduce it to beneficial antimicrobial properties. The antimicrobial properties will clean your scalp of any unnecessary dirt, but will leave the essential oils that your hair needs in order to grow healthily.

The best way to use raw honey is to mix it with your regular shampoo. Honey is very sticky, so if you use it by itself, it will pull out your hair and be completely counterproductive. Mix a few tablespoons of honey into your shampoo and rinse.

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