Hair Salon Etiquette Tips

21 January 2016
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When you go visit your hair stylist, you probably already have an idea in mind of what you want the finished style to look like. Hair stylists and other salon employees work with customers every single day, and they deal with all kinds of different people that can either make their jobs easy or more difficult. Here are some tips to ensure that you're practicing proper etiquette when you go to the salon to help foster a great relationship between yourself and your stylist.


Just like many other service professionals, your stylist should get a tip from you when you go to pay. The amount that you decide to tip them is up to you, but it should be a reflection on your satisfaction with their services. Tipping a stylist shows that you appreciate their time and hard work and will help to build a good relationship with the stylist you enjoy visiting. Plus, it's common courtesy and expected in most salons. You should tip more for extremely involved services like hair dying or wedding hair preparation since it is more time consuming and labor intensive.


Salon employees have to come in close contact with people every day, and there is nothing worse than having to touch someone who isn't clean. If you plan to have your hair stylist wash your hair before you get it cut, you should still be showered and clean behind your ears. Wear deodorant and put on a little perfume. Proper cleanliness practices will make the process more pleasant for your stylist and less embarrassing for you.

Handling Bad Results

If you get a haircut that you don't like, do not be afraid to tell your stylist. The difference between handling a negative experience properly and improperly is all in the way you say it. Don't freak out of the haircut is not to your liking. Instead, just tell them what you would have preferred so that they know next time. If you feel uncomfortable telling your stylist you don't like the cut, you can always pull the salon manager aside and let them know. The more they understand what it is you want, the better experience you'll have when you visit next time.


If you've scheduled an appointment with your hair stylist and you need to cancel, don't put it off until the last minute. Many hair stylists rely on the income from each appointment they get, and letting them know you need to cancel as soon as possible will open up a slot for another customer to fill. Whatever you do, make sure you notify them instead of just not showing up. They will appreciate you telling them so that they can find someone else to schedule. Follow these simple salon etiquette tips and you will have a great relationship with your hair stylist that will last for many years to come. 

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