Tired Of Looking Like Shaggy?: Facial Hair Growth Products That May Make You Look Like Paul Bunyan Instead

18 January 2016
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Scooby Doo's loyal human, Shaggy, is eternally lacking in facial hair. The cartoon character's little soul patch has become synonymous with gawky male adolescence, something you would (probably) rather avoid if you are in your twenties and beyond. Thankfully, there are several facial hair growth products than can help. Here are just a few suggestions to encourage your five-o'clock shadow to creep out and make you look less like Shaggy and more like Paul Bunyan.

Pore Cleaners

Sometimes the problem is not so much the hair itself as it is the pores in your skin. Small tight pores may be visibly and aesthetically pleasing, but they can prevent hair from growing. Blocked hair follicles are also part of the problem. If you can find the right kind of pore and follicle cleaners, you can open up these pores and follicles and stimulate hair growth while you are cleansing and unblocking your skin. If you really want to jumpstart a skin care regimen that encourages hair growth, you might even try a light facial peel in a salon or spa.

Hair Darkening Agents

Another problem you may experience is that hair is present but it is so light in color that you do not appear to have any facial hair at all. Blondes, ginger-haired men and even albinos have this problem. A quick facial application of hair darkening agents may actually make your light facial hair appear. Some darkening agents also have vitamins that encourage healthy hair growth, which double the benefits of using such products.

Balding Scalp Remedies Applied to the Face

Recently, medicated products used to treat male pattern baldness have been used to encourage facial hair. Both the application of this medicated scalp treatment to the face and the results have been mixed and met with caution. Still, if you are using a balding remedy on your scalp already, you could try rubbing a little of the product on your cheeks and chin to see how your facial skin and hair respond.

Home Remedies 

Several products you might have in your refrigerator or pantry are said to encourage hair growth as well. You can either ingest these items or rub them on the areas of your face where you want more of a manly fur-bear look. The most commonly recommended food products are apple cider vinegar, white vinegar, eggs, onions, raw potatoes, fenugreek seeds soaked in water, and ayurvedic herbs such as Indian gooseberry.

Check out sites like beardvitamin.com to view their products and see if they have one you want to try.